Featured on Colorado Public Radio’s Open Air Spring 2017 music sampler and The Denver Post’s “Steal This Track” blog, "Flora" collects four double-sided singles that each represent a distinct period of Renner's time spent living in Colorado from 2010 to 2016. With “Flora”, Renner places his ethereal vocal stylings at the forefront, surrounding them with spacious, manicured electronic-organic music that puts him comfortably in the vein of other Downtempo Electronic, and Indie R&B artists like James Blake, Little Dragon, and Lykke Li. Flora creates a sonic environment that is warm and inviting, and that shines an intimate light into Renner's world.

"Renner’s soulful vocals and R&B sense impart the music with a human quality not often found in looped, electronic-sounding music." - Josh Johnson, The Denver Post

"Despite the wealth of electronic sounds on compositions like "Aspen B," Renner's music reflects a natural beauty" - Daniel Mescher, Colorado Public Radio



In March of 2013, Renner's idea to create several alternate version of songs from Seven Days quickly turned into something much larger. Days End is an entirely new album, and a whole new interpretation of the music from Seven Days. Some tracks are recognizable as alternate versions of Seven Days songs. Others share very specific, key elements like a lyric, a chord progression, or a sound sample. But all of them are tied to Renner's 2012 album in that they re-tell the stories in Seven Days from a new perspective. 


Days End is a truly unique take on the idea of a companion album. It coincides perfectly with Seven Days, while  offering  a new sound, a new reflection of the original music, and a new story of its own.



The idea for Seven Days was simple: one week to write and record an entire album. For most artists this task would seem insurmountable. But for Sean Renner, who is as comfortable behind the mixing board as he is performing on stage, the idea was nothing less than thrilling. There would be no re-writing, re-recording, or re-thinking. There would only be the raw energy of music captured in its initial moments of conception. 

To add a spirit of collaboration to the project, Renner decided to get creative. He invited his friends, family, and fans to record and send him sounds, which he would incorporate into the music during the seven days. Throughout the month preceding the project, Renner received over 35 sounds, ranging from power tools and broken instruments to the delicate sounds of a garden, and even cries from a protest rally. During the seven days, Renner chopped, sliced, detuned, and programmed the sounds into the songs that were being born. 

Recorded from February 2nd to February 9th and released through Morning Bird Records on April 20th, 2012, Seven Days is an undeniable testament to Renner’s true musicianship. The music expertly merges electronic and pop influences with Renner’s distinctive ability to creatively blend sounds, displaying an elegant combination of musical and technical prowess.


“...an atmospheric sound exponentially bigger than the one musician who created it all” - Nick Hoppe, Oratory of Sound


“In a world of single song downloads, albums like these are still worth listening to in their entirety.” - Stephan Hume, Colorado Music Buzz


“Seven Days is a work of experimentation and imaginative beauty” - Jonny Allmond, Cassette Rewind



Sean Renner’s Saint Louis home was the bottom floor of a century-old townhouse in the historic tower grove neighborhood. Its rooms were large, its floors laden with wood, and the walls stretched up to meet the high plastered ceilings. When a note was struck, its rooms sang. Renner has made a name for himself as a gifted self-recording artist, and when he first moved in and heard the sound of instruments in these rooms, he fell in love immediately. 

In the spring of 2009, Sean began experimenting with recording in his new home. He had no songs waiting to be recorded; instead, the rooms and the sounds inspired the composition as the recording process unfolded. The emergence of the new compositions paralleled a growing interest in ancient Egyptian history and mythology. As his recording progressed, the music and the folklore became entwined, forming Renner’s most ambitious work to date. Through the music, Renner creates a timeless tale of love, loss, and an immutable struggle with destiny. 

Renner continues to define his own unique sound by creating a captivating emotional landscape using a beautiful palate of lush sonic elements; the lyrics and orchestration coalesce to create a rich and engaging world that can only be described as breath-taking. This dense composition is nothing new for Renner, but in almost a complete turn-around from his last release, The Blossoms of Armageddon, Renner has focused on the raw performance of the music. Created entirely using live instrumentation and physical effects, Sekhmet is a true work of art. 

"The depth of intention that emerges from the talent and heart poured into this album set it apart in today's music scene. Sekhmet is a triumph, waiting for a film to pair visuals with this stunning story of sound." - Eleven Magazine



Sean Renner's debut album was recorded over a period of 6 months in London, England in 2007, and released on The Urban Sound label in 2009. The Blossoms of Armageddon weaves together an amazing blend of mythology, storytelling, and sonic experimentation. The foundation of The Blossoms of Armageddon is Renner’s signature ability to shape and manipulate his own recorded sounds and samples to create the unique, organic atmosphere that surrounds his music. While many of the samples used were recorded in London, during the production process, the rest were taken from recordings done by Renner during his final year at Elon University. Influenced by the history of his European setting, Renner creates a story of historical and spiritual exploration, and introduces us to the sincerity, the true emotion, and the rich soundscapes that have come to define his music.