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The idea for Seven Days was simple: one week to write and record an entire album. For most artists this task would seem insurmountable. But for Sean Renner, who is as comfortable behind the mixing board as he is performing on stage, the idea was nothing less than thrilling. There would be no re-writing, re-recording, or re-thinking. There would only be the raw energy of music captured in its initial moments of conception. 

To add a spirit of collaboration to the project, Renner decided to get creative. He invited his friends, family, and fans to record and send him sounds, which he would incorporate into the music during the seven days. Throughout the month preceding the project, Renner received over 35 sounds, ranging from power tools and broken instruments to the delicate sounds of a garden, and even cries from a protest rally. During the seven days, Renner chopped, sliced, detuned, and programmed the sounds into the songs that were being born. 

Recorded from February 2nd to February 9th and released through Morning Bird Records on April 20th, 2012, Seven Days is an undeniable testament to Renner’s true musicianship. The music expertly merges electronic and pop influences with Renner’s distinctive ability to creatively blend sounds, displaying an elegant combination of musical and technical prowess.


“ atmospheric sound exponentially bigger than the one musician who created it all” 

- Nick Hoppe, Oratory of Sound


“In a world of single song downloads, albums like these are still worth listening to in their entirety.” 

- Stephan Hume, Colorado Music Buzz


“Seven Days is a work of experimentation and imaginative beauty” 

- Jonny Allmond, Cassette Rewind

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