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Flora is a tribute to Sean Renner’s time spent living in Colorado from 2010 to 2016. Each pair of songs represents a distinct period of Renner’s life during that time, while their titles pay homage to the native plant life found across the state’s diverse geography and climates. Renner places his ethereal vocal stylings at the forefront, surrounding them with spacious, expertly-manicured electronic-organic rhythms and melodies that put him comfortably in the vein of other downtempo, electronic, and indie R&B artists like James Blake, Little Dragon, and Lykke Li. Flora creates a rich sonic environment that is warm and inviting, bold and beautiful, and that shines an intimate light into Renner's world.

"Renner’s soulful vocals and R&B sense impart the music with a human quality not often found in looped, electronic-sounding music."

- Josh Johnson, The Denver Post

"Despite the wealth of electronic sounds on compositions like 'Aspen B,' Renner's music reflects a natural beauty."

- Daniel Mescher, Colorado Public Radio

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