Original score for the short film "Rush to the Night" by Freddy Tang. 

An awkward reunion of two parted friends triggers their night adventure to the time capsule they buried in school.




Original score for the animated short film "Frontier Wisdom" by Jenna Caravello 

In the lonely desert space between here and there, a phone repairwoman encounters a chatty corpse, a self-propelled peanut, and some portents of the rapture. 

"Jenna Caravello’s surrealist short Frontier Wisdom is an altogether different type of tumbleweed opera. One of the many animated efforts in the SDUFF program, the film jumps liberally from first to third person perspectives, emblematic of the out-of-body experience Caravello wants to replicate. Malfunctioning phone booths, apocalyptic reckonings and a bible-verse spouting corpse make up Caravello’s holy trinity of motifs leading the anti-technology charge. Fittingly, it ends with someone literally cutting the cord." —Glenn Heath Jr. | San Diego CityBeat | August 21, 2018



Sean Renner worked as a music arranger, orchestrator, music programmer, and music editor on the 2018 Sky TV/Sonar Entertainment/Bavaria Fiction series, which is a  sequel to Wolfgang Peterson's iconic 1981 film. Das Boot was nominated for 9 German Television Academy Awards including "Best Music" and will premiere in the US on Hulu in 2019.

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Original music for the film Glacier Lake.




Sean Renner worked as an additional music arranger, orchestrator, music programmer, and music editor on the Austrian feature film The Tobacconist (Der Trafikant), and performed the film's original song "Underwater", which he co-composed with the film's composer Matthias Weber. Der Trafikant was nominiated for 4 Austrian Academy Awards, including "Best Score".



Original Score for Part II of the short film "Melon", directed by Elizabeth Liang. 

A creative agency constructed a short promo film that takes the form of an extended screen recording. Their objective is to raise awareness for a new product called “Melon” that is designed to enhance human fertility. Their anonymous character whose computer is being recorded exists in a parallel world. In this world there is a myth about a woman who gave birth to a melon.





Original score for the short animated film "So This is How it Feels" by Fred "Chalky" Wong. 

A creature of darkness tries to save his only love